Aragon Fights Back Against Activist Investors in DAO Governance Battle

• Aragon Association released a statement Friday responding to an attempted coordinated attack on its town square.
• The response escalated a fight between Aragon and activist investors who have taken interest in the project’s ANT token and treasury.
• Aragon argued that Discord servers are tools used by DAOs, but not DAOs themselves, and that it would stand firm against any “coordinated” attacks.

Aragon Fires Back at Activist Investors

The Swiss nonprofit Aragon Association has responded to an attempted “coordinated” attack on its town square with a statement, reiterating their “code is law” position. This response has escalated a brewing fight between Aragon and activist investors who have taken interest in the project’s ANT token and treasury.

Discord Servers Not DAOs

In their statement, the Aragon Association argued that Discord servers and other trusted coordination platforms are tools used by decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), but they themselves are not DAOs. This distinction is important as crypto governance is at the center of Aragon’s mission.

Exile of Community Members

The statement was issued in response to the exile of at least half a dozen community members for “spamming” Aragon’s Discord server with questions over its finances. While governance decisions over money will happen via votes on the blockchain, discussion takes place on Discord and project governance forums where members organize thoughts and coordinate action.

Decentralized Crypto Governance

A DAO is a method of governance in which crypto investors vote to decide how a project is run. To move towards community control, Argan began moving its treasury this week- an effort nearly one year in the making- towards decentralization.

“Code Is Law” Position

Despite this resistance from activists, the Aragan Association stood firm on their code being law principle and stated it would continue carefully evaluating feedback from all stakeholders while maintaining an open dialogue about issues within the community as well as implementing best practices to ensure proper implementation of crypto governance principles throughout the organization’s activities moving forward.