Liquity Token Soars 35% on Binance Listing

• Liquity, a stablecoin lender, saw its token LQTY surge 35% after it was listed on Binance’s Innovation Zone. • The token hit a 10-month high of $1.82 as trading volume surged by 382%. • Liquity is an Ethereum-based protocol that offers interest-free loans in the form of the LUSD stablecoin for users who deposit…

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Make Your Web3 User Journeys Completely Self-Custodial!

• Crypto needs better entry and exit points to promote the development of Web3. • Current user journeys are not ideal, as they involve disjointed experiences and unnecessary risk. • It is necessary to make user journeys more seamless, secure, cost-effective and self-custodial. We’re Responsible for Web3 User Journeys; It’s Time to Make Them Completely…

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