Axie Infinity Launches Card Strategy Game: AXS Token Jumps 12%

• Axie Infinity released a new card-based strategy game called Axie Infinity: Origins on the Apple App Store.
• AXS, the native cryptocurrency of Axie Infinity, surged briefly after the news but is now trading just under $7.
• Artist Jack Butcher released a new NFT collection called Elements that are paired with physical prints and DappRadar released a report predicting that NFT trading volumes are on track to dip below $1 billion this year.

Axie Infinity Launches Card Game

Axie Infinity has launched its card-based strategy game Axie Infinity: Origins on the Apple App Store in some of its key markets across Asia and Latin America. The game allows players to start playing with free non-NFT “starter” characters and currently has 1.5 million installs across all platforms. The news caused AXS, the native cryptocurrency of Axie Infinity, to surge over 12%, however it has since fallen back down to just under $7 as of writing.

Jack Butcher Releases New NFT Collection

Artist Jack Butcher has released another NFT collection called Checks Elements that expands his previous series called Elements which were first launched in April. This time around, each piece is paired with an 8×8 inch physical print featuring elements from Butcher’s work such as abstract shapes and colors.

DappRadar Report Predicts Decrease in NFT Trading Volume

DappRadar recently released a report predicting that NFT trading volume is on track to dip below $1 billion for the first time this year. The data shows that monthly trading volume peaked at $3 billion back in February 2021 when popular CryptoKitties was selling their digital cats for record prices but have since declined sharply since then, indicating that there may be more volatility ahead for the market.

Jihoz Discusses Web3 Gaming Future

Jeffrey ‘Jihoz’ Zirlin, co-founder of Axie Infinity creator Sky Mavis discussed the launch and future of Web3 gaming during an interview with The Airdrop podcast this week. He believes that gaming will be one of the main drivers of mainstream adoption as users become accustomed to using cryptocurrencies within games like Axie Infinity: Origins and other titles they play online every day.

Does Trading Volume Matter?

The debate around whether or not NFT trading volumes matter continues as experts weigh in on both sides of the argument while investors seek out additional data points surrounding these digital assets before making any decisions about which ones to buy or sell next. Regardless, it’s clear that more people are becoming interested in buying and selling non-fungible tokens as they look for ways to diversify their portfolios beyond just traditional stocks and bonds