Hermès Seeks Control Over MetaBirkin NFTs, Demands $133K Damages

• Hermès has asked a New York court to block Mason Rothschild from selling or promoting his MetaBirkin NFTs.
• The French luxury house is seeking control of the MetaBirkins smart contract, social media handles, royalties and any NFTs in Rothschild’s possession.
• A nine-person jury ruled in favor of Hermès last month awarding them $133,000 in damages.

Hermès Asks Court for Control Over MetaBirkin NFTs

The French luxury house Hermès International has asked a New York court to block non-fungible token (NFT) artist Mason Rothschild from selling or promoting his MetaBirkin NFTs following a landmark jury verdict last month. Hèrmes filed suit against Rothschild in January 2022 alleging that the Los Angeles-based creator stole its intellectual property to create his 100-edition non-fungible token (NFT) collection based on the house’s iconic Birkin bag. After a lengthy legal battle, a nine-person jury ruled in favor of Hermès last month, awarding the brand $133,000 in damages.

Requested Actions From Court

On Friday, Hèrmes asked Judge Jed S. Rakoff of the United States District Court, Southern District of New York (SDNY) to permanently block Rothschild from selling, promoting or distributing NFTs that use the brand’s Birkin trademark. The fashion house also asked that Rothschild transfer control of any Metabirkin NFTs in his possession to a crypto wallet designated by Hèrmes, and that he transfer control of the MetaBirkins smart contract, MetaBirkins domain names and MetaBirkins social media handles to Hèrmes.

Accusations Against Mason Rothchild

Hèrmes accused Mason Rothchild of stealing their intellectual property with creating his 100 edition non fungible token (NFT) collection based on their iconic Birkin Bag design without their consent or authorization. They believed this was an infringement on their copyright and trademark laws which caused financial damages as well as dilution of their brand’s reputation and value.

Jury Verdict In Favor Of Hermès

The lawsuit between Hermès vs Rothchild went through a lengthy legal battle where after 9 people were chosen for the jury they voted unanimously in favor for Hermè s awarding them $133 000 USD worth of damage claims towards Rothchild which was then requested by Hermè s lawyers onto Judge Jed S Rakoff at US district court SDNY .

Court Requested Actions By Rothchild

Hermè s has requested multiple actions from Rothchild such as blocking him from ever selling ,promoting or even distributing anything related to this case involving trademark usage on Birken bags ,transferring all Crypto wallets containing any Metabirken tokens into one designated by hermè s itself and also transferring all Smart Contract , Domain name & Social Media Handles related to Metabirken into Hermè s ownership .